Rama Organica is a transformational community and organic farm located in the Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica. We are located only a mild drive from the ocean as well as from many other adventurous destinations. 

We are a cigarette, drug, and alcohol free community and we have an extremely minimal eco-foot print. We encourage our visitors to avoid bringing products that contain single use plastics. We also expect our visitors to use only biodegradable soaps, toothpastes, shampoos and other products.


At Rama Organica, we believe in a healthier way of living. Not long ago, humans once lived in harmony with nature. The effects of getting back into nature are not only healing, but deeply transformative. We believe in growing organic food in biology-rich soil. We take as much care of what’s under neither ground as what grows up out of it. 

Rama Organica was founded in 2016. When we first stepped onto the land, the jungle had reclaimed many of the living spaces. It was beautiful. The energy here was powerful. To create the heaven we envisioned, we knew it wasn’t about taking back the land from the jungle, but instead, to give it space to vibrate. To thrive. This gave us a blueprint that birthed a creative partnership between human and jungle. All innovations to the space are made with one idea in mind; Everything must be in alignment with the land. If we take care of Pachamama, then she will take care of us.

Rama Organica has quickly become a hub for change in the world. Our focus is not limited to the confines of our organic farming community, but to the greater community which surrounds us. Rama Organica host events within an ecological and harmonious framework. Facilitators and participants join us from around the world on subjects that encourage education of the natural world and deep, transformative experiences.

Our ecological buildings provide the perfect level of jungle and comfort. Our vision is for visitors to be totally immersed into Jungle living while still enjoying some of the essential comforts of modern living. All of our buildings have hot water, central wi-fi hubs, and cozy living spaces, all while keeping a small impact on the environment. 

All water provided on the land is 100% natural and pure from a large natural spring. The water in the region is some of the cleanest water on the planet. So clean, that you can drink from any tap on the property. 

There’s plenty of animal life here at Rama Organica. Majestic birds grace the land. A perfect space for bird watching. Some of the other life includes monkeys, jungle cats, ducks, chickens, and an uncountable variety of magnifcent insect species. 

If you are into adventure you have come to the right place .The surrounding valley has many trails for hiking and adventuring amazing waterfalls. The ocean is only a mild drive from the farm. If surfing is your thing, the waves are magnificent. The Tuesday farmers market is truly a blessing for the community. Its a great way to explore local crafts and food as well as a great place to meet to some of the amazing people that grace our larger community.

We wish you health in the body, peace in the spirit, and love in the heart.

©2019 by Rama Organica