Costa Rica

February 9th-15th, 2020

Join us here at home in the majestic coastal mountains of southwest Costa Rica. Our focus is on cultivating self love, present-moment awareness, and a daily practice as keys for healing, clarity, abundance, and true readiness for each moment as life unfolds.

We will dive deep into work with master plants, immersing ourselves in the magical and nourishing forests, rivers, and sanctuary spaces. Eat local, fresh, organic foods. Enjoy movement and meditation, professional body and energy work along with integration sessions that help develop a “tool- belt” for optimizing and incorporating the teachings that arrive for us. Rama Organica is nestled against the beautiful Diamante Verde Sanctuary thus surrounding us with natural treasures, both human and elemental, perfectly attuned to support the depth of transformation than can occur when we come together in this way.

This work can manifest as a Whole Life Transformation... intense, painful, clarifying, incredibly inspiring and much more. . . the true innerwork is beyond our mental comprehension.

We are here to support you fully in the process and provide an ideal environment to incorporate a new frequency and elevated awareness into the rest of your daily life. I am blessed to be supported by an amazing team of experienced, talented and loving friends. . . together we assist to deliver a deeply transformational experience, re-shaping our concepts of what is possible in this precious life.

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